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Physical Stores & Mall Kiosks: Design, Build, and Install Solutions

To operate physical stores or mall kiosks in a local mall, in addition to developing a solid business plan, you must provide an appealing retail atmosphere for sale. A well-designed retail store or kiosk has various advantages, including greater sales, a stronger brand image, a better customer experience, and memorable moments.

M2 Display offers entire retail solutions, including the design, production, and installation of custom retail store fixtures, retail kiosks, and counters. We are professionals at creating functional and visually appealing shop spaces. We tailor our services to the individual demands of each of our clients, which range from tiny enterprises to medium-sized retail chains. Check out our great projects for a range of markets!

  • Is It Profitable to Start a Business in the Mall?

Understanding mall-based business dynamics is essential when starting a retail store or kiosk. At its core, a retail store’s profitability hinges on a multitude of factors, including—but not limited to—its location within the mall, the demand for its offerings, the competitive landscape, and how effectively it manages its operations. Successful retail stores emphasize visual merchandising and customer store experience because a well-designed store can improve customer experience, brand image, and sales.

  • What Is a Lucrative Retail Business in the Mall?

The following lucrative small businesses are worth considering to start in a mall:

Cosmetic & Skincare

Malls are high-traffic places where many people shop, dine, and enjoy themselves, making them attractive for beauty stores. This gives beauty stores a natural customer base and lets them reach many potential customers. Many clients like to shop and get services in one spot. A mall beauty store lets clients get beauty services while shopping, which boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty. Manicures and skin care necessitate repeat buying. Shopping mall beauty salons can quickly build a regular customer base, and these consumers will return due to the good service, assuring a constant income.

Spa & Salon

A mall spa and salon can draw in many shoppers searching for relaxation and grooming. Services include haircuts, styling, massages, facials, and nail care. Creating a relaxing and pleasant setting and providing excellent service will attract repeat visitors. Partnerships with cosmetic and skincare retailers can boost consumer satisfaction and income.

Mobile Accessories & Electronic

Most people use smartphones and other electronic devices so that they may be interested in the latest cell phone accessories and electronics. Opening such stores in shopping malls can reach this broad potential customer base. Consumers may experience urgent needs while using their cell phones or other electronic devices, such as replacing a cell phone case, screen protector, or emergency charging. Cell phone accessories and electronics stores in shopping malls can instantly meet these needs and provide convenience. Unlike online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores offer the opportunity to try out products. Customers can try on or check out items themselves before purchasing, such as trying on a smartwatch or experiencing the sound quality of headphones. All of these are factors that make brick-and-mortar stores in malls profitable.

Jewelry & Watch

Jewelry and watches are often high-value goods, and consumers seek quality, security, and trust in the purchasing process. The safe environment shopping malls provide (e.g., security personnel, surveillance systems, etc.) safeguards the transaction of high-value goods and enhances consumer trust. As delicate items, jewelry and watches require proper display space to highlight their uniqueness and beauty. Specialized retail spaces provided by malls allow these brands to design unique showcases and lighting to display their products best and capture customers’ attention.

Eyewear Serving

Consumers may urgently need replacement eyewear in the event of accidental damage or loss of eyewear, and optical stores in malls can provide a convenient solution to these various needs for immediate purchases. Optical stores can benefit from the flow of customers to other stores in the mall, especially those related to fashion and personal care. Customers may be inspired to match their new eyewear with their clothing or cosmetic purchases, increasing the sales opportunities for optical stores.

Fast Food Serving

Mall visitors include a wide range of target markets, from families to office workers and from the young to the old. Fast food outlets can cater to these different customer segments by diversifying their menus and food service offerings so that they are not reliant on a single customer segment. Fast food outlets can provide convenient fast food and beverage options in malls for shopping or entertaining customers. This convenience attracts customers looking for a quick dining solution and caters to customers who need a short break.

  • Factors to Consider When Opening a Store in a Mall

Apart from mall traffic, location visibility within the mall, rental costs, and competition, the design and decoration of the store are also critical considerations. Focusing on store design and decoration helps enhance brand image, improve shopping experience, and increase sales and competitiveness. A well-designed store can attract customers’ attention, increase their interest, and improve the entry rate and willingness to buy. At the same time, store design and decoration reflect the brand’s image and values, which can strengthen the brand image and increase brand awareness and loyalty. More importantly, effective store design can promote product sales through visual displays, increasing sales efficiency and profitability. Compared with competitors, stores with quality design and decoration can stand out, attract more customers and improve market competitiveness.

  • Kiosk Design & Manufacturing

To create a formal floor design and solution, the design team typically consults with the client on brand positioning, product features, and display needs. Engineers analyze the client’s needs and use formal 3D renderings to create a precise showcase design, considering the client’s needs and the designer’s input and reminding them of crucial drawing validation issues. Client’s feedback can lead to 1-3 free revisions. Before regular revisions, the team will show the client a sketch confirmation of the revised details to avoid design delays due to misunderstandings and repeated revisions.

The following are common production processes:

Before Production: the production team will typically give the client confirmation based on a detailed quote, 3D drawings, bill of materials, and samples to ensure compliance with the quality standards of your target market and shopping center.

During Production: you will receive photos or videos of the completed stages from different workshops and progress updates. If there are any unforeseen circumstances or deviations from previous communications, the production team will communicate with you and provide alternatives so that you can make a more informed choice.

After Production: the team will conduct strict quality checks on all products to ensure that each showcase meets the customer’s requirements and quality standards, such as dimensions and construction are as per the drawings, including all finish materials, logo/lighting colors, all drawers/cabinets can be opened smoothly and neatly, all lighting and electrical components are covered with safety and neatness, each showcase and the whole showcase are currently tested, electrical wiring as shown, cabinet plug and socket connections are clear, etc.

  • Price for Store/Mall Kiosk & Design Fee

As with most store/mall kiosk manufacturers, prices vary from size to materials. For example. The cost of a standard retail kiosk of 15㎡ is about US$7,500 ~ 12,000, and the cost of a standard retail kiosk of 80㎡ is about US$10,000 ~ 16,000. The materials used in the booth will also affect the price of the booth. The design fees for finished and customized products also vary; for example, for a 10x10ft phone kiosk in ready-made design, the design deposit is only US$300. If 1000sq. ft phone store in ready-made design, it is US$500 ~ US$1,000 according to your store layout.

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