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M2 custom store display
M2 custom store display

When chain stores reach a certain size, the cost and risk of opening new stores becomes a major concern for growth. After visiting factories and conducting order tests with multiple suppliers and countries, we ultimately chose M2 as our long-term partner. They offer a comprehensive solution by fully integrating China's mature supply chain. Their team is efficient, professional, and dependable, which is extremely valuable and beneficial for chain store owners who lack professional store project manager or seek cost-effective and swift store expansion.

-Arshid Hussain, Mobilebitz.
About M2

8 Years of ExportingStoreDisplay Worldwide

Having worked with local installation teams in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, we have a great deal of experience exporting display cabinets. We can also provide trustworthy logistical arrangements and versatile customisation possibilities.

Practical Service

Experienced team work & specialized in US & EU.

Affordable Price

China strong & mature supply chain support.

SME Retailers

Build up from nothing, busy & smart. We understand you!

M2 custom store display

Due to time and resource constraints, we have opted to engage a professional M2 team from China to oversee the production of drawings. They meticulously analyze our drawings, anticipate any potential production or installation issues, and proactively address them. This allows us to dedicate more attention to serving our brand clients' retail design needs, enhancing sales, and meeting the mall's requirements.

- Colins Esguerra, Mazal Design.
When Import from China

You May Encounter TheseIssues

Store display counters are large items and long time to make, but M2 will provide you with the store display counters you expect on time and on budget, and we will solve all the problems in the cooperation process for you, so you only need to worry about the day of the grand opening of the store.

Design Is Not Suitable?

3D rendering & construction drawing with experience communication to make your ideas come true.

Different To Drawing?

M2 take full responsibility until the customer is satisfied.

Not Finish In Time?

M2 pay 1% of the goods cost per day if production date is delayed over 1 week.

Worry Communication?

Experienced M2 consultants by WhatsApp, phone call, email, or zoom meetings.

Customs & Damage?

To door delivery with insurance & tax covered if needed + warehouse service in EU/UK/US/AU+.

Installation & Repair?

Fully assembled & 10% repair parts with installation file & video support.

M2 custom store display

In addition to fast and professional sales consultants just like my own assistant, the expertise and responsibility of M2 's genius technical director always give us peace of mind when it comes to our professional design company’ s projects. Even with novel and complex large-scale designs, she always patiently and comprehensively provides multiple solutions. If we happen to choose a less ideal option, she ensures that we clearly see the consequences before proceeding and also prepares contingency plans for any potential negative outcomes.

- Ahmed Samir,

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From design to delivery, M2 Display provides practical stores, pop-up stores, and mall kiosk display solutions for small chains worldwide!


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