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Mobilebitz – UK names Phone Accessories brand expand.


Established in 2003 and with over 70+ phone accessors store/ kiosk till 2016, Mobilebitz is a UK names phone repair & accessories and one of largest phone accessories.

Main Products: Phone/ iPad cases as main products to display, together with used phones, headsets, screen protectors, chargers, power bank & other accessories.

Main Services: phone/ tablet repair and customized cases which needs special worktable to support.

Brand owner is crazy busy and plan to expand and have been working with Dubai & China manufacturer, need stable supplier to offer better design support with lower budget kiosk which is satisfied & approved by UK standard & malls.

Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge

1.Design: Mature brand design to suit different mall’s requirements & contract sizes and get mall’ s approval (including Westfield & intu). kiosk sizes are various from 3x2m to 3x6m, make sure each kiosk with enough case / slat wall display area, convenient storage for each display area,
space for repair work, customized case work & cashier.

M2 Solution: 3 working days to finish a kiosk/ store design according to brand designer’ s concept design and offer Plan B to suit store design, and other mall’s requirements, especially Safety standard and design standard. And make sure finish materials to suit Modern Mobilebitz brand, Phone case – 5 shelves display outside mainly, ipad case is 4 shelves display inside, together with other products to display by slat wall inside mainly. More glass display for expensive products at corner golden area. Repair & customized case table are added, with more LED poster & bespoke inside structure to suit various machines. Together with MAX display and enough lighting for all the display area.

2.Build in Budget: Improvements in display/ functions regularly.

M2 Solution: With research & visit previous kiosk works, drawings, talk with owner & the staff to summary design notes, especially when kiosk life is 2 ~ 3 years. M2 offered solution and get good feedback, too.

  • Use no lit acrylic 3D letter to instead the expensive channel letters.
  • Change solid surface countertop to tempered glass.
  • Slip lighting, transformer, signage, display units, night cover to competitive suppliers.
  • Keep 2~3 sets of kiosks in one order as before, save materials cost & container cost;
    Each kiosk door to door freight is reduced from $3800 to $1900, even $1000. When container is not full enough, share with our other UK clients.

3.Quality control & open in time

M2 Solution: Production time is normally around 25 days, including 3 days QC time. For urgent order, it can be 15 days the quickest, not suggest, especially for new design.

  • Quality control: mobilebitz brands’ requirements, same as drawing confirmed by mall & clients, and our production meetings.
  • Time control: Follow the production schedule, like wood structure, paint/ metal process, installation process. Report to Mobilebitz in time for each process finished with pictures/ video.
  • Delivery: International package standard with insurance.
  • Installation: packing list with small items location & related install menu. Complex part with video. Extra repair parts are prepared, like LED strips, transformer, spotlights, lock, etc. So, install team can change quickly, which has good feedback from some clients.

Brand owner’ s review: When chain stores reach a certain size, the cost and risk of opening new stores becomes a major concern for growth. After visiting factories and conducting order tests with multiple suppliers and countries, we ultimately chose M2 as our long-term partner. They offer a comprehensive solution by fully integrating China’s mature supply chain. Their team is efficient, professional, and dependable, which is extremely valuable and beneficial for chain store owners who lack professional store project manager or seek cost-effective and swift store expansion.

Design from brand

Production Details


Mobilebitz – UK & UAE


December 5, 2018


ALL, PHONE | E-CIGRE + 12, Project


Westfield, London

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