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SECTION-B & BACO Restaurant – Saudi Best Burge Brand Upgrade


The brand is a local Saudi company that owns three brands: SECTION, a burger restaurant, and BACO, a healthy food restaurant. M2 works with its contractor based on professional design company’ s new concept design after we made its another brand DOTs successfully from 2020 which is from the same design company & brand group. The client’s SECTION restaurant has an industrial stainless-steel design, while BACO has a luxurious style. Through our collaboration with the local construction team, these two brands have become increasingly popular in the local market.

 Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge

1.The client has strict requirements for materials quality and colors accurate.

M2 Solution: engineer use the highest standard and suggest the most suitable samples A/B/C solution with advantages and disadvantages marked & personal suggests sent to client & design company for final confirmation.

2.How to make sure production work is the same as design?

M2 Solution: All are new design and craft is really complex, especially the large & heave ceiling, bar counter & drawer wall, nearly all are made by gun plating stainless steel. What’ s design company’ s construction drawing is simple and sometimes different to 3D design, together with some area not reasonable for daily use. Engineer is very carefully to study drawing and pick up the difference or unreasonable parts to double confirm with client and has many meeting with different workshops to make the actual product can be same as design together with long term use. Considering there are contractors, designers and brand, any changes from the design is very difficult, so engineer has to use 3D or video drawing to explain the reasons & influence of each solution.

3.How to make sure large items delivery & installation goes smoothly?

M2 Solution: There are many large items, which needs to be delivery by sea container. So M2 has to consider the container loading & unloading, delivery safety, enter store, easy to install and nice finish finally. E.g., BACO window curved decoration, it is 2237 ARC x 3450mm H, if made by many sections, not only many sections line but also may be distorted during delivery and difficult to install. So we have to make it full set and make sure it can enter store successfully which really takes lots of effort to confirm and finally it works.

Design from brand

Nice design by professional design company no matter display or the lighting. If other brand owner wants such nice design to suit your brand and save cost, we highly suggest to ask professional design company to make the main design concept. After 1st store is tested, the future store design can be made by M2 designer.

Grand Opening Day

Clients shared many pictures and video to celebrate with us in opening day. Our team was also very excited to see its grand opening and so proud of it.



Production Details

Below are the larger items we mentioned, both are over 3m H. First is Baco window decoration, the dark grey dots are required to fix one by one by hands. Design looks simple, but works are really huge and strict to workers’ craft. Same for this large drawer cabinets, but they really look Incredible shocking after finished. Our team love them very much and are so proud to see it after fully installed in our workshop.


Brands was very happy to our 1st work and offered 2 more stores after opening. The main issue is the unreasonable drawer wall design, actually our engineer reflected before production but because of tight time to make and takes long time to discuss with designer for confirmation, client gave up finally. M2 will keep improving the work quality and control time & budget to support client’ s project with better & better




December 4, 2022


Food, Project


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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