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Uberfone Store – Northern Ireland largest phone accessories brand upgrade!


Uberfone is a family owned and operated business based in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland. Having started out in 2011, Uberfone have 9 stores across the country, the largest mobile phone & tablet accessories specialists in Northern Ireland.

Main Products: phone & tablet cases, glass screen protectors, a wide range of speakers, memory cards, flash drives, power banks, charging cables, wall chargers, car chargers, travel chargers, wireless chargers, wireless headphones, Bluetooth headsets, car holders and selfie sticks.

Main Services: phone repair services.

Brand owner wants to upgrade its brand and renovated all the existing shops. We start by a phone mall kiosk to test, which proofs not good in Belfast, then we just focus on store projects and finishes all the 9 stores renovation until 2018.


Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge

The client is highly pragmatic and possesses extensive experience in importing from China. They are keen on maintaining their brand’s distinctive orange color and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they aim to maximize the display area and ensure ample lighting. Given the presence of a warehouse in each store, storage will be limited to the central glass showcase and the cash counter.


  1. The lighting should be of high quality and intensity, ensuring it is easy to repair regardless of whether it is spotlights, LED strips, or their transformers. The same applies to the hardware, runner, and track.
  2. The package should be sturdy enough to prevent any damage, and for safety reasons, it is advisable to opt for full container loading. Since the top of the container is empty, it is common for the client to send some of his phone accessories to be loaded together.
  3. To ensure efficient and convenient repair options, it is essential to have standardized specifications for all the repair parts. For instance, having a master key that can be used for all the stores’ locks, as well as uniform specifications for spotlights, LED strips, and hardware. This is crucial as the client intends to maintain the new renovation for more than 10 years, necessitating flexible and prompt repairs, particularly concerning the lighting.



The client would frequently visit China every one or two months in order to source the latest phone accessories from the markets in Shenzhen or Guangzhou. Throughout this process, M2 consultant consistently served as his trusted partner and provided free translation services. After our second store project was successfully completed, the client no longer felt the need to personally quality check our work, even when he was in China. We have maintained a strong friendship and even visited the previous store projects together in Northern Ireland and Dublin in 2018, after completing all nine of his stores.

M2 Design

The Uberfone Store Design has undergone significant improvements, particularly in terms of the window display and the glass showcase. Several features have been added to enhance its overall appeal and functionality. Additionally, measures have been taken to protect it from daily scratches, particularly focusing on reinforcing the edges.

Production Details

Opening Pictures


Uberfone - UK


January 11, 2015


PHONE | E-CIGRE + 12, Project


Belfast, UK

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