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M2 custom store display

The White Shop – Jewelry & Fashion in Dubai


This is a project for a Chinese client, which includes three different stores: a fashion store, a jewelry store, and 3 sets of jewelry mall kiosk.

Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge

The client was delighted with a previous FASHION brand store case study we had done, and we assigned a designer with over 10 years of experience in handling that brand to oversee the project. As a result, the design process went very smoothly. Additionally, the design primarily consisted of mature techniques such as electroplated stainless steel square tubes and white baked enamel with illuminated acrylic, which further enhanced the overall outcome. The collaboration for the design and production of the first store was very pleasant, prompting the client to entrust us with a second case study. Furthermore, they also requested a cost-effective Jewelry Mall Kiosk series by 2x3m and 3x3m, for which we utilized a batch of promotional jewelry cabinets.


Production Details


The White Shop - UAE


April 22, 2015


Jewelry, Project


Dubai, UAE

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