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DOTS Restaurant Project – Saudi PILLARS Group Names Brand


The brand is a local Saudi company that owns three brands: SECTION, a burger restaurant, and BACO, a healthy food restaurant. M2 collaborated with its contractor based on the new concept design from a professional design company after conducting some small work tests in 2019. For the DOTs works, M2 provided almost everything for this project, including counters, tables, sofas, as well as outdoor and interior wall decorations such as corrugated aluminum sheets, ceramic tiles for the large work counter, signage, lighting, ceiling tube & mesh column.

Client’s Key Requirements and Collaboration Process:
  1. The client had strict requirements for materials and colors.

M2 Solution: M2 exchanged numerous samples with the client for final confirmation.

  1. The client needed us to coordinate with the local construction drawings and requested assistance with providing necessary drawings.

M2 Solution: M2’s project department seamlessly coordinated with the client’s construction team.

  1. The client discovered some color discrepancies in the ceramic fittings.

M2 Solution: As it can be challenging to maintain consistent colors for ceramic materials from different batches, M2 immediately produced and delivered ceramic fittings in the same color as requested by the client.


The customer was highly pleased with our service and continued to collaborate with us in multiple subsequent stores. The design company also expressed their satisfaction and created a comparison file showcasing the outstanding work through renderings and opening pictures. Following the successful opening of this sample store, M2 obtained three more collaborative projects and one additional small store.

3D provided by customer:

On-site photos:


Production details




January 12, 2022


Food, Project


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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