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M2 custom store display

Riccardo e-cigarettes Store –leading retailer in Germany & EU


Established in 2011, Riccardo set up a small warehouse in his single-family house, and went online with the first shop. In 2016, Riccardo opens its first store, very simple and practical, mainly shelf to display e-cigarette. Riccardo owner had exactly the right instinct, because his small shop boomed so much and upgraded its store design since 2017. This is the reason we met Richardo team in China end of 2018 to discuss his boom plan. And this is his first work after our team met and studied Riccardo’ s upgraded store in Hamburg in 2019.


Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge
  1. Exactly the same as existing store made in Germany locally.
    Clients sent us rendering drawing with sizes and site pictures of existing stores and discussed each detail & notes, but still worried if we can make them right. So our team decided to visited his existing store in Hamburg during our business trip to UK with engineer to make sure our first store can be exactly the same.
  2. Made by many sections which can be assembled into different sizes, making it convenient for rapid store setup and cost effective.
    Engineer offered size solution which Based on the most commonly used and cost-effective board size of 1220x2440mm and the most cost-effective internal dimensions of a 40HQ container for sea transportation, it is recommended to maximize the use of cabinets without waste, such as a wall cabinet of 1200x400x2400mm each section and work table of 1200x600x1200mm. At the same time, provide a simple and labor-saving installation and transportation plan, and a cabinet structure that is easy to repair.



Now Riccardo is already the leading retailer of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories in Germany and Switzerland, is expanding its business in Germany by taking over branches from Quantus Beteiligungs- andberatungsgesellschaft mbH i.L.: 2 x Berlin, Dessau, Erfurt, Essen, Koblenz, Leipzig, Rostock, Hameln, Wolfsburg and Aachen. Riccardo builds its own project team in order for much quicker store expands.

Design from brand

Production Details

Opening Day


Riccardo –Germany & EU


April 15, 2019


PHONE | E-CIGRE + 12, Project



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