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M2 custom store display

OPATRA London Store – VUT Mall in Mauritius


Opatra, a leading skincare technology company, is privately owned by Efraim Salhov. Since its establishment in March 2010, Mr. Salhov has held a 100% stake in the company, which has become renowned for its innovative and effective skincare products.

Client’s Key Requirements and Collaboration Process:

This work is from one of our franchisees and it has been executed seamlessly and successfully in terms of design, production, and installation. We have a long-standing collaboration with various brands for over 5 years, including phone accessories, skincare, and massage gun industries. Moreover, we have already completed work for another franchisee of this brand, and our design will align with the official concept of Opatra. If you are also an OPATRA franchisee, please feel free to reach out to us. We are confident that we can satisfy your needs as well.

M2 Design:

On-site photos:

Production details




August 29, 2021


MAKEUP | SKINCARE + 11, Project


VUT mall, Mauritius

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