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M2 custom store display

Nieuwstad Optiek Store – eyewear & contact lenses


This store is a spacious establishment covering an area of around 150 square meters, situated in Doetinchem, Holland. The primary materials employed in its construction consist of fire-rated plywood, glossy white PU paint finish with Oak wood grain veneer, tempered glass, acrylic, LED strips, and window display units. The store boasts large curved and irregular display units, which presented a challenge for our workers during the design process. However, when the store finally opened, the project proved to be immensely successful.

Project Challenge

To ensure accurate sizing, the Floor to Ceiling display should encompass all the walls, including the columns. The client needs to provide measurements with an error margin of less than 10cm. Additionally, the designer can incorporate a movable wood panel at the top to adjust for any sizing errors on-site, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

To guarantee a perfect installation and minimize section lines, the workshop should conduct thorough assembly tests at each stage, focusing particularly on the wood structure and assembling process. This will help identify any potential issues and allow for adjustments to be made, ensuring a seamless installation with minimal visible seams.

In the end, we provide a comprehensive package that includes detailed markings and an installation file, making it easier for the client’s local installation team to understand. In reality, about 90% of the tasks are completed in our workshop in China, and the local installation team primarily handles the transportation and assembly.


Production Details

Opening Day


Nieuwstad Optiek


January 12, 2016


Eyewear | Fashion, Project


Doetinchem, Holland

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