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M2 custom store display

MuscleFlo Massage Gun Kiosk – UK New Brand


This is a new brand called MuscleFlo, which is developed by a long-time customer we have been collaborating with for over 5 years. In the past, we have worked with various brands, predominantly in the beauty series. The customer highly regards this new fascia gun brand and has invested significant effort into the counter and prop design, as well as the intricate details.

Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge
  1. Modern & high-tech design & get mall’ s approval.
    It took us 3 months to complete this design, going through more than 10 rounds of revisions. We made adjustments to various aspects such as the blue lighting thickness, desktop thickness, and the layout of the sofa and wall panels. Even the desktop went through more than 5 iterations. In the end, we achieved a concept that satisfied both parties.
  2. Nice finish material & Cost effective
    The London kiosk measures 4x6m, making it quite large. It needs to be divided into multiple sections with visible lines and the price is approximately $20,000 USD. We have provided various solutions to make the visible lines appear almost invisible and to reduce the use of expensive and unnecessary materials in order to keep the budget around $15,000.
  3. UK standard safe materials
    We already made lots of UK work in most of UK shopping mall centers and works are already get approval from both Westfields in London, Burling, Trafford Centre and more. Sothose fire rated materials and safe CE certificated electric parts are easy for us, which are nearly our standard now.



The wood floor is too thick, measuring 100mm high, and lacks an entrance ramp. This has caused numerous daily inconveniences, prompting the client to post multiple colorful stickers for visibility. Following the opening of the Trafford store in London, the client proceeded to open stores in Mauritius and Northern Ireland.

M2 Design

Production Details

Opening Day


MuscleFlo– UK & Mauritius


March 1, 2021


Massage gun, Project



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