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M2 custom store display

ITCH MOBILE Kiosk- Australia Phone Accessories NEW Brand


After knowing that we have done numerous retail projects for mobile accessories chain brands, especially with several Australian brands, the client hopes that we can provide creative design get approval from a high-end shopping mall at Perth, AU. Honestly speaking, our design idea is very practical, so we suggest professional designer to make the initial concept design and our team focus on making concept come true perfectly and suitable for expanding in the future.


Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge
  1. Same as designer’ s drawing, especially the cement craft.
    M2 already did many cements finish work, by cement painting, cement panel, cement laminate or others, finish can be smooth or with texture to suit different styles. We showed many previous works with pros & cons and confirm cement paint finally because of the curved shape and design is difficult to adjust.
  2. Improve the design details with more display & storage area together more lighting.
    Those are nearly all the phone accessories clients’ basic requirements, and our engineer is already very professional to it. MAX display/ store/ lighting, of course reasonable & comfortable are also important. The maximum display space in the slot wall display area and the brightest lighting are always contradictory which takes long time to confirm.
  3. Make sure all the materials meet Australia’ s safe requirements.
    Mainly fire rated wood structure and finish materials together with SAA file for all the electrical parts, like LED/ transformer/ Socket/ wire, and tempered glass. This mall is really very strict to those files and required many additional files as supplementary material. Anyway, we got approval for opening finally.



One glass unit was cracked during delivery. M2 quickly remade the glass for free and client pay the air cost which can be paid from insurance company if client buy any insurance from his logistic. M2 will offer more discount for client’ s next order to cover the air cost and both of us are looking forward to our next work in 2024.


Design from Brand Designer

Production Details

Opening Pictures




November 11, 2023


PHONE | E-CIGRE + 12, Project, Shop Design


Perth, AU

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