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M2 custom store display

INCOMM Mobile Store – Samsung representative in Brunei


INCOMM is a reputable telecommunications company in Brunei, known for being the authorized Samsung brand representative in the region. Its previous store had a design somewhat influenced by Samsung’s style, but brand desired a fresh and distinct design that would establish their own brand identity. In October 2020, they approached M2 for assistance.

Client’s Requirements & M2 Solution:
  1. In order to adhere to the client’s brand colors (red and white), all cabinets should be designed accordingly.

M2 Solution: The side walls will be completely white, while the front and back walls will incorporate red accents. The glass cabinets, which are of great significance to the client, will feature a combination of red and white, with black lines enhancing the edges.

  1. The store ought to display a wide range of products, with well-lit cabinets.

M2 Solution: We will install overhead lights in the glass display cabinets to provide complete illumination for the showcased products. Additionally, storage spaces have been incorporated into both the back cabinets and glass cabinets.

  1. The items in the glass cabinets should be easily replaceable.

M2 Solution: The top display area will have flip-down doors that come with locks for easy replacement of products.

  1. All sockets, power sources, plugs, and transformers must meet CE certification standards.

M2 Solution: All M2 products meet the required standards.

M2’s Design

Site pictures:

Store before renovated:

Product detail:

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April 5, 2021


PHONE | E-CIGRE + 12, Project


Kiulap, Brunei

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