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Elegante Department Store 5-Floor Project – Makeup Floor


Elegante Department Store is a 5-floor project with Arcade & Restaurants at ground floor, Makeup & skincare at 1st floor, Salon at 2nd floor, Fashion/ Jewelry/ Bridal and more at 3rd floor together Spa & outdoor restaurant at top floor. Client paid design fee after many China factory visits at end of 2017 because our team is the most passionate and she is very happy to our kind service.

Client’s Requirements & Project Challenge

We started by creating 3D designs based on the images and requirements sent by the client. However, the client was not satisfied even after multiple revisions, causing the project to stagnate for nearly six months. In a team meeting, we reviewed the client’s chat records and all the preferred image examples to identify the design elements that the client truly liked. We then re-designed the project accordingly, which made the client extremely happy and they immediately confirmed it.

Following this, our team proposed to fly to Nigeria for an on-site measurement and prepare a comprehensive pricing plan to meet the client’s specific needs. The client was thrilled and even arranged accommodation and transportation for us. Upon arrival, our technical team promptly began measuring and updating the drawings, addressing any areas of concern. The next day, we met with the client and her husband for a meeting, during which her husband directly approved our Plan A.

Since the client initially intended to have the local contractor handle the project, we handed over the responsibility of the back cabinets on the ground floor to them. Additionally, the client assigned our team the responsibility of on-site installation and decoration, requesting that we provide further budget proposals upon our return to our home country.

This business trip was truly intense yet enjoyable. Prior to departing, we had heard that Nigeria could be a dangerous country due to the presence of firearms. However, upon arrival, we found the locals to be incredibly warm and friendly.


Client continues to work with us after all the 5 floors display project are finished in 2019, with works like Christmas decoration,

M2 Design

Opening Pictures


Elegante - Nigeria


August 15, 2018


MAKEUP | SKINCARE + 11, Project


Abuja, Nigeria

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