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M2 custom store display

Hi Store Phone Accessories & Repair Service Shop Design to South Africa

M2 Display offer design, manufacture and delivery service for Phone shops international, eg. UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, etc.

M2 Display already arranges many phone works, no matter retail shops, shop in shop or mall kiosk, especially complex structure.

Please add Miss Haimi‘ s whatsApp account for quick answer, 008618938683014.

‘Hi’ store is The Foschini Group’ s new brand, The brief was to create a leading fashion orientated and responsive multichannel retailer of technology and related products. The store itself was designed to be a place where fashion and lifestyle meet technology rather than ‘just another cellphone store’.

“Hi” is something new and unexpected that attracts social, trendy and fashion orientated customers with a youthful mindset. “Where would they meet?” was one of many questions we asked. This led us to the coffee shop – a casual place to meet and connect within a relaxing atmosphere.

It was designed to draw the customers into the store creating a perspective view. The use of natural timber and bright blue color splashes compliments each other creating a strong statement within the mall environment. The natural timber also brings some warmth into the 80m2 space and makes it look inviting and appealing. The central steel tables are another key feature continuing the use of angled lines, which were inspired by the angled logo.

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