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DECLÉOR Beauty Spa Shop Design – 2017 POPAI AWARDS

DECLEOR PARIS beauty salon shop, wins the 2017 POPAI AWARDS shopfitting.

One of the Professional Products divisions of the L’Oréal brand, named Decléor, wanted to make a true retail space in their beauty salons through their new corporate image. To accompany them in the transformation, the brand called upon the services of several shop fitters.

The concept is a real mass of miscellaneous materials.

For a good homogeneity of the whole furniture, the gold decoration should have had the same aesthetics, whatever the material, be it raw MDF, metal or plastic.

The resin of the pieces of furniture has been thermoformed to give it the curve we see on all the elements of this concept.

Finally, to perfect the whole look, the products are exhibited in lighted and backlighted glorifiers.

Designed for L’Oréal’s skin care brand Decléor for an industry trade fair, this concept image was a very fast coloured in sketch for a pitch design proposal.

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