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Happy Mid-autumn Day ! 
It is mooncake time in China, the second important festival for all Chinese. 
So we will have 3 days off from Sep. 15th to 17th. Please call us directly if you have anything urgently. 

The UK phone shops were just loaded last week. 
Bingo !  We will share some phone shop project. But the UK shops are not included because of the Confidential Agreement. 

We shared some phone kiosks on June. This time, it is focused on physical shop, different from shop in shop ones.

This is always my favorite phone shop, so I share with you again. And client mentioned that cabinets are too heavy, so we suggest plywood for big units.

Size: 7156 x 9741 mm

Project cost: $12,500 USD

Main Materis: fire rated MDF paint & lacquered, tempered low iron glass, polished stainless steel, rigid LED Strips,  illuminated clear acrylic signage, etc.

All the materials are normal, no special craft, but looks nice.

M2 Display mobile accessories shop design

Our other previous phone shops are similar, so we selected some goods design from internet, hope you like.

This phone accessories shop is featured in its reception counters, and color design.

phone accessories repair shop deisng

Many clients inquired this repair shop, and I like it, too. Simple, piratical, and nice design.
phone accessories repair shop deisng

Below are other 3 featured phone shops.

phone accessories repair shop deisng

phone accessories repair shop deisng

We offer design, manufacture, delivery to worldwide. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding retail shop. Add my WhatsApp +86 189 3868 3014 for quick answers.


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