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Happy Children' s Day! Be a kid today, enjoy the simple and happy day!

3 sets of Phone accessories Kiosk were just loaded last week, so I can stay in the office and write email to you.

Those 3 phone kiosks are my favorite, all different design, but not allowed to shared. Anyway, Just collect 3 phone kiosks.

Fix it PRO Phone kiosk

Size: 3x4m

Main Materials: black/ White laminate for display counter, white solid surface for work table top, black corian made till counter and totem. Illuminated Stainless steel channel letters. Even runner and hing are blum brand. 

Client required all fine quality materials, but laminate are not pure color. Anyway, the black laminate joint is not very obviously.

Black PU Paint Phone Repair & accessories Kiosk


Size: 3x5m

Main Materials: concrete panel, black power coating profile, black pu paint pylon with 3D blacklit acrylic letters. 

For our latest 3 kiosk not allowed to share, one is concrete made phone kiosk. So I share a very old work, hope you will like it. 

Concrete Terrazzo TELECHOICE MOBILE Accessories Kiosk

Please compare photo below with last photo above, our latest work has a big progress, so sexy joint finish. I can not stop to share with you. 

concrete joint details for phone kiosk

And next is also a very old work. 

black PU paint MYTOUCH Phone Repair Kiosk

We already made so many kiosk, most are complex. Any retail shop works from you ?


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M2 Display 

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