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Dear Clients

We will have Tomb-sweeping Day from April. 2nd ~ 5th. E-mail may not be replied in time. Please call me if you have anything urgently, 0086 18938683014.

Last time, we mentioned that we have 5 corian kiosk in production. Finally all are completed, only one is waiting for loading.

Those are all completely differently styles, which is our very important experience in Corian made works. We will share some works with you today.


Size: 3x3m

You may be familiar to this cosmetics kiosk, which is shared not too long ago. But this one is made by corian & glod stainless steel completely.
The Shopping center is really very picky, even the wall joint is white stainless steel, none wood painting is allowed.
And inside, no matter visible or not, all are fine painting, like the FTV Kiosk we mentioned last time. So cost is also nearly 2 times of previous one.

corian made FCM Mall Gold Face Cosmetics Kiosk

JC Handbag Mall Kiosk

Size: 5.4x3.1m

The pylon and handbag display are made by pure white corian.

I saw this design before and though interesting, and so happy to make it to be a beauty, even so many headache happened.

Corian made JC Handbag Mall Kiosk

I-shade Sunglass Mall Kiosk

Size: 3.6x3.1m

This mini kiosk is extended from previous sunglass kiosk. Only till counter and pylon stand are made by pure white solid surface.

The till front should be heat bending craft to avoid visible joints, which must be good quality corian.

white paint corian made I-shade Sunglass Mall Kiosk

There are 2 more corian kiosks which clients are not allowed to share. Also not simple work. 

Maybe I wanna corian work too much and God know it, so they comes together. Soon we will start concrete work again. 


Haimi Zhong

M2 Display