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Dear Client

How is everything going ? 

I can not wait to share our latest ibrow mall kiosk to you. It looks very easy, but a complex work, and nice design, which was just loaded to Australia last week. 

Project: ibrow mall kiosk

Size: 6.7 x 3.6 x 2.7 m

Main Materials: fire rated plywood + white laminate, marble/ black or mirrored stainless steel/ pink PU paint decoration on the laminate wall, marble desk top, etc. 

Because budget is limited, laminate is not solid white and wood floor are replaced by carpet. Laminate are 45 degree joint to avoid the black line. What' s more, It is really not easy to run & hide cables, fix walls. Many parts are removable which will be fixed on site. Fortunately, this mall kiosk is in first floor, so big sections are allowed. 

china supply Ibrow eyebrow Mall Kiosk

Here is another eyebrow mall kiosk, but to Canada. 

Because of its featured design, many clients love it. Main materials is PU paint & acrylic. 

China Supply Frida brow bar to Worldwide

And MAKE UP STORE TO Switzerland. 

The difficult craft is the illuminated wall cabinets, the back panel are made by illuminated acrylic panel which is easy to crack. Package must be very strong. 

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